The story of Marhaw is steeped in culture and African symbolism and is a company that operates in various parts of Africa. We showcase Africa's rich cultural heritage and artisanship, with handbags that define African sophistication for the discerning woman, anywhere in the world. Our designer bags are made in Africa, by African hands, with the best raw materials ethically sources in Africa.

Supporting West African cultural industries & the Ethiopian Leather industry

We use quality leather and African fabric/art & hideto create unique handbags that defines African sophistication for the discerning woman worldwide. High quality full grain leather is sourced from Ethiopia and matched with hand-woven/made fabrics from Ghana and the rest of West Africa as well as hide from Southern Africa. The outcome are handbags that are unique in character, which defines a woman's style and class.

Our handbag-making process supports the batik-making industries in West Africa who employ mainly women as well as supporting Kente/Adinkra weaving local industry in Ghana - keeping centuries old weaving traditions alive. Respect goes to the Ethiopian women involved in working with the leather and the fabrics to create the unique Marhaw handbag brand.

Our Logo & Philosophy

The Marhaw logo is an adaptation of the Adinkra symbol "Wuforo dua pa a na ye pia", which literally means "When you climb a good (productive) tree you get good results".  We believe that as long as we continue to climb a "good tree" we will get high quality products that support the livelihood of African women and African artisans, whose work can be celebrated in a deservedly manner that also shows that African quality products can have world appeal. Our ultimate goal is to support African artisans (especially women) add value to their creation that supports their craft and trade. This makes our products “Proudly African and Globally Acceptable”!


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