Marhaw – a Ghanaian/Ethiopian fashion business collaboration

The story of Marhaw is steeped in culture and African symbolism and is a registered company in Ghana and the UK. It is a Ghanaian owned & run company that operates in various parts of Africa. Our vision is to add value to the vibrant and precious Ghanaian Kente transforming it into new and innovative products combined with other raw materials from Africa. This makes our products “Proudly African and Globally Acceptable”!

The original idea was to sell Kente online but then a chance meeting with an Ethiopian handbag maker led to an experiment of handbags made with leather and Kente. With ideas being discussed and finalised between Ghana and Ethiopia, Marhaw was born. Ghana would supply the original hand-woven Kente through commissioning and working with local artisans and production would be in Ethiopia led by local handbag makers who are mainly female.

Currently, our Marhaw accessories are the combination of the best raw materials available in Africa. Our current Marhaw handbags and clutches are handmade from high quality genuine leather designed with hand-woven authentic Kente and Adinkra cloth to give you unique products. The range covers a wide spread of exquisite hand-made bags and soon we will introduce women shoes and slippers/sandals.

We produce various kinds of totes using Ethiopian leather combined with various Kente designs. Most of the designs are unique and original. Such products include the AfroClutch and ChicPurse and we also have the Kente Wide Tote, the Kente Window Tote and the Kente-strapped Barrel bag. We also have the Beads collection, using beads from Ghana.


Aida Opoku-Mensah